Magical Weapons Quests

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Created On 17 March 2001
Last Updated On 17 March 2001
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These are common to many cults as many cults have spells or abilities that are obtained through the use of magical weapons and are available through HeroQuests or through sub cults. These abilities can often be gained by the Questor by gaining the magical weapon through HeroQuest.

The main cult with magical weapons sub-cults is Orlanth with his Lightning Spear, Shield of Arran, Scarf of Mist and Sandals of Darkness sub-cults, but other cults also have specialist subcults including Yelm (Sagittus), Wachaza (Robber), Yelorna (Labrys) and Lodril (Invisible Spear).

Most magical weapon sub cults have entry restrictions and not all cultists may join them, so only Wind Lords have access to Orlanth's magical weapons spells. Magic Weapon Quests allow others to access the magics of the subcults by directly accessing the source of the magic - the weapons themselves. Sometimes these Quests are simple and straightforward, other times they are complex and dangerous. All have similarities in that obstacles must be overcome and a magic weapon gained but each Quest is individual and different from the others.

Some magical weapons may only be gained through HeroQuesting, these include Thunder Arrows (Orlanth), Fire Maul (Zorak Zoran), Lead Fist (Zorak Zoran) and Miss Not (Foundchild). Those who use these weapons are notable in that they have gained abilities that few others have. This makes them dangerous and infamous.

Many cults have magical weapons that are unknown outside a particular locality or clan. These usually have HeroQuests associated with them and intrepid HeroQuestors may be able to perform these HeroQuests and gain the exotic powers and abilities.

Magic Weapons Quests are often used as Stations within other Quests. When used in this way they allow the Questor to gain the Magic Weapon but in a lesser form. So, someone performing the Wooing of Ernalda Quest can gain the Sandals of Darkness as a single Station and can sacrifice for the Dark Walk spell whilst on the Quest but may not sacrifice for the spell afterwards or join the Sandals of Darkness sub cult, whereas someone performing the full Sandals of Darkness HeroQuest will be able to join the Sandals of Darkness sub cult and continue to sacrifice for the Dark Walk spell after the Quest has finished.

These Quests are often used to gain spells not normally available, so an initiate of any of the forms of Orlanth may gain the magic weapon spells and join the magic weapons sub cults that are normally only open to Wind Lords. This makes them particularly powerful and impressive to their peers.