The Upland Marsh

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Created On 1 October 1997
Last Updated On 1 October 1997
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Taken from "Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty Within the Empire", also included in "Holiday Glorantha".

In the land of Sartar, on the border with the Grazelands, lies a phenomenon know as the Upland Marsh. A series of lakes, ponds and rivers lying between the Creek-Stream, the Creek and the Stream rivers, the Upland Marsh is unique in its tranquility and peace.

Created by the Demigod Delecti in the Second Age, the Upland Marsh has survived relatively intact to the present day and retains much of its original character, having been unaffected, in the main part, by drainage and clearances.

One of the most important parts of the Upland Marsh is the variety of wildlife that its waters support. There are hundreds of kinds of birds, amphibians, snakes, rodents and insects which teem throughout its waters and sheltered banks. Delecti discourages hunting within the Upland Marsh, except by the indigenous population of Ducks, Newtlings, Dragonewts and Marsh People, so the wildlife is fairly undisturbed and can live a natural life.

Another of the surprising things about the Upland Marsh is the relatively small numbers of people and things of a Chaotic Persuasion. One would expect that a large Marsh would be teeming with our Chaotic Brethren, especially considering its proximity to the Forest of First Reward and the SnakePipe Hollow. However, Delecti has recognised that our Chaotic Brethren sometimes can over indulge themselves when feeding and can damage the delicate biosystem of an area. Therefore, his soldiers try to keep down the numbers of Chaos in the Upland Marsh, hunting down dangerous creatures, driving off Broos and Scorpionmen and capturing Walktapi for their masters to take care of. This means that, of all the Marshes and Swamps in the Empire, the Upland Marsh is the least affected by Chaos.

The indigenous population of the Upland Marsh is made up mainly of Ducks, Newtlings, humans (Marsh People) and a few Dragonewts. These were here when the Upland Marsh was created and are Delectiís subjects. However, there are more people within the Marsh than the aboriginal stock. Outlaw Ducks from other areas of Satar and Kaethela have made the Upland Marsh their home, as have terrorists and outlaws from the surrounding tribes. Escaping trollkin from the lands to the South have made their homes here, sheltering in dugouts within the banks. There are even small groups of tame broos who live peacefully within the Upland Marsh, protected from harm. Most of the inhabitants live by fishing the plentiful stocks of the Marsh, gathering the abundant plant life within the Marsh or by hunting the fowl and beasts of the Marsh. Some will trade with outsiders and some bandits prey on visitors, although Delectiís patrols discourage this.

Delecti ensures the safety of the people of the Upland Marsh by mounting patrols each and every day. These are staffed from his army of revenants and are ever vigilant. Recently, Delecti has been creating a unit of Imperial Guards taken from those slain by Outlaws in the service of the Empire. This ensures that there will always be a number of guards who will understand those from the Empire and who will be sensitive to our needs. This is an example of the co-operation between the Empire and those within its borders. Travellers should be warned, however, that Delecti may try to recruit them into his service. Although the followers of Delecti may be offered Immortality, they should always consider the consequences carefully before agreeing to join his Legions.

Visitors to the Marsh should travel to Duck Point where they can hire safe passage on one of the many reed boats which ply the waterways of the Upland Marsh. These can be hired for as little as 1 Lunar Piece per day. For those who require more substantial transport, there are dugout canoes, or even small dinghies which can be hired, but they are more expensive. Guides may be hired to take you through the Marsh on foot, but that is slightly more dangerous. Care must be taken when hiring guides on the waterfront - some may be in league with outlaws. It is better to use officially approved guides, ask at the Lunar Garrison.

Hunting permits may be obtained from one of Delectiís trading posts surrounding the Upland Marsh, but they are expensive. We recommend simply taking in the scenery and observing the wildlife. Of course, you are always allowed to hunt to eat, so the occasional fish or fowl may be taken for breakfast without a permit.

All in all, we can heartily recommend The Upland Marsh as a place to visit for a well-earned break from the Imperial Grindstone. Look at the beauty, talk to the natives, perhaps even buy some of their folk art. It is a trip you will never regret.