Alternate Earth Supplements

There have been a number of new supplements recently released for various settings that could be included in Alternate Earth. We have over 80 supplements available so far, and more on the way. Hopefully these are the first of many. If you know of any more, then please email me and let me know.

  • The Design Mechanism
  • Mongoose (Legend) (Deus Vult)
  • Chaosium (BRP) (Cthulhu Dark Ages) (Cthulhu Invictus)
  • Alephtar Games
  • Cakebread and Walton (Renaissance) (Pirates & Dragons) (Clockwork and Chivalry)
  • D101 Games
  • Mystical Throne Entertainment
  • Zozer Games
  • Avalon Hill RQ
  • Mythic Russia
  • Redaktion Phantastik - Private Eye
  • Others

  • The Design Mechanism

    Mythic Britain [PDF] It is the year Four Hundred and Ninety Five, as the Christian scribes reckon it, since the birth of the infant Jesus Christ...

    He is the High Druid of Britain.
    Alive when Claudius landed on Britain’s shores.
    An advisor to Boudica when she challenged the Romans.
    Alive when the Romans massacred the druids at Ynys Mon.
    Alive when Vortigern ventured north with mercenaries to destroy the Picts.
    Alive when Uther’s bastard was begat by Ygraine.

    He lives still. This is his world.
    It is made of the breath, scales and bones of the Great Red Dragon. It flows through him, and he is Britain. He has walked with gods and counselled them. The ancestors revere and respect his presence. The Saxons tremble at his name.
    He is Merlin.
    Fear Him.

    Mythic Britain is a complete sourcebook for adventuring in Britain’s Dark Ages using the RuneQuest rules. The book includes an extensive history and background of 5th and 6th Century Britain; details of the different tribes and territories; complete character creation rules for Britons and Saxons, details of magic, the Saints and pagan Gods; and, rules for massed battles. Completing the book, seven linked scenarios form the Mythic Britain Campaign in which the characters travel the length of breadth of the island, serving Merlin and Arthur, fighting the Saxon invaders, searching for the lost Treasures of Britain, and becoming involved in all manner of schemes and intrigues.

    Take up your spears. Swear your oaths. Ready your shields.

    Welcome to the Dark Ages!

    Mythic Britain requires the Mythras Rules.

    Mythic Britain Preview: Caves of the Circind [PDF] This is a preview of the forthcoming RuneQuest supplement Mythic Britain - a complete scenario taken from the campaign section of the book.

    Merlin, the High Druid of Britain, sends the characters to retrieve the fabled Coat of Beisrydd, one of the Thirteen Treasures of Britain. To succeed they must find the help of the hero, Gawain, uncover the mysteries of Lindisfarena, and defy the wrath of Mawgaus, Druid-King of the fierce Circind Votadini - a powerful animist known to eat the brains of his enemies.

    Mythic Britain Companion [PDF] A companion supplement to the excellent Mythic Britain

    A PDF only companion to Mythic Britain, featuring four full-colour maps (23" x 32" at full size) and additional content: the cults of Mithras and Sabrinna, the coastal kingdom of Bryneich, and an expanded treatment of the Great Spirit Lindis.

    Mythic Britain: Logres [PDF] Mythic Britain: Logres is Paul Mitchener's superb book detailing the Saxon culture of Britain and contains everything you need to know about these stalwart invaders of the island. Logres details their culture, beliefs, kings and chieftains, politics and superstitions, and presents a mini-campaign set against Cerdic's arrival on the south coast, where he must deal with both belligerent Britons and resentful Saxon settlers alike...

    Mythic Britain: Logres requires the Mythras and Mythic Britain books.

    Mythic Rome [PDF] Welcome to the birth of the Roman Republic, and follow it through to its murderous end, a tumultuous ride through some of its most turbulent history.

    Mythic Rome encapsulates the dark and gritty past, allowing players to take part in the founding of Rome: as a bandit on the Tiber; to overthrow the tyrannical 7 Kings; conquer the rival Etruscan city states; watch the city be sacked by Gauls; battle Hannibal during the Punic Wars; take part in the malevolent Bacchanalian Consipracy; fight alongside Spartacus (or against him); or choose sides during the civil war between Caesar and Pompey.

    This invaluable book contains rules for everything from political standing to chariot racing, along with comprehensive Roman careers and guides for weapons, armour and Combat Styles of Rome’s legions and her enemies. Also included are obscure supernatural creatures and new magic systems to reflect the way magic works from the perspective of the Romans themselves.

    Continuing the quality and historical depth of The Design Mechanism’s Mythic series, Mythic Rome stands as one of the very best historical roleplaying supplements, describing in intricate detail every aspect of everyday Roman life.

    The book is packed with quotations from the historians and scholars of the last days of the Republic, revealing shocking details of Rome the Eternal City, a shining pinnacle of civilisation built on the grisly foundations of crime, superstition, war and treachery...

    Mythic Rome Maps [PDF] These are the two city maps from Mythic Rome, available in A3 size and full colour. They're free to download, or at modest suggested donation of $1.00.

    Mythic Constantinople [PDF] Byzantium, Queen of Cities, Constantinople, bridging Europe and Asia like a jewel, the epicentre of medieval culture. The year is 1450 or, as the Byzantines reckon it, the 6,958th year since Creation.

    This is an age of exploration and invention; an age of intrigue, and an age of empires. The known world congregates here: mercenaries from England and Russia; the wealthy merchants of Genoa, Venice and Tunis; the Ottoman Empire and the Mamluk Sultanate face off against each other while the iron-clad Knights of Rhodes debate theology with Neoplatonists.

    And it is home too to the non-human species of the world, such as the inscrutable Astomatoi, the fearless Minotauroi, and the headless Blemmyai. In the Undercity are ancient horrors with agendas of their own, things of legend and myth that have inhabited Constantinople for thousands of years. Meanwhile the Muslim Ottoman Empire eyes the city with envy and draws its plans. The Catholic and Orthodox Churches seek to dominate Christianity while, elsewhere, pagan forces and cults wait for their own opportunities to surface.

    Mythic Constantinople is a thorough and comprehensive campaign resource that mingles meticulous history with legend and myth. It presents Constantinople in astonishing detail, covering the city’s geography, history, politics, and culture alongside its landmarks, personalities, organisations and religions. It takes a unique approach to generating street-level details of the city, and taking care to connect places, people and organisations to both describe Byzantium, and aid Games Masters in bringing the city to life in their campaigns. Play characters from dozens of cultures: native Byzantines, European mercenaries, wily Italianate merchant-venturers, intrepid emissaries of Islam, or even a non-human occupant of the city, rubbing shoulders with the Varangian Guard and schemers of the Serene Republic of Venice. The options are vast.

    Everything you need to campaign in medieval Byzantium is here. Welcome to Mythic Constantinople.

    Mythic Constantinople: Life's Long Consequences [PDF] Kales Pegonites is the man that everyone wants. He’s gone missing, and there are several people looking for him for different reasons. But finding him is only part of the deal: Kales has found himself mixed up in a mystery as old as The City itself.

    Life’s Long Consequences is intended to showcase some features of Mythic Constantinople, particularly the seedier side of life. It is suitable for characters who have newly arrived in the city as well as those who have been here longer. It is designed to have a little of everything: investigation, social interaction, skulking and sneaking, as well as combat, emphasising that surviving the City of Wonders requires more than just a strong arm and a sharp blade. But the adventure can be adapted to any large city without too much trouble; the only requirement being a foreign enclave of merchants, placed on the other side of a river or on a nearby island. In fact, owning Mythic Constantinople is not essential to run this scenario, although it does provide context and background information that will bring this adventure alive. The scenario can easily be set, with a little adaptation, in Thennla, perhaps, or Mythic Rome. And of course, the Greek nature of the city makes this scenario ideal for intrigue in Meeros.

    Welcome then, to a Byzantium that never quite was, and join the search of Kales Pegonites. Why do so many want him? What will they do when they find him? Indeed, is there anything left of him to be found... These answers, and more, await in the labyrinthine streets of the Queen of Cities...

    Mythic Constantinople Map Pack [PDF] This pack contains large-scale versions of the City & Districts map, European Empires of 1450, and the floorplans for the Great Palace of Byzantium.

    Mediterraneo Mitico/Mythic Mediterranean El Mediterráneo Mítico es un escenario de juego que proporciona los elementos necesarios para jugar en un entorno con base histórica, pero con el añadido de la magia, la influencia de los dioses, la existencia de criaturas de fábula y, por encima de todo, la presencia de nuevos héroes cuyas hazañas influirán notablemente en el devenir del mundo conocido.

    Mythic Mediterranean is a scenario that provides the necessary elements to play in an historical environment, but with the addition of magic, the influence of the gods, the existence of fabled creatures and, above all, the presence of new heroes whose exploits will greatly influence the future of the known world.

    Ships & Shield Walls [PDF] This supplement and rules expansion for RuneQuest 6th Edition brings you game rules for using sea-going vessels of all sizes in your RQ campaigns, plus a set of semi-abstract mechanics for staging large battles where RuneQuest characters can take a key part – either as commanders, or warriors in the shield wall.

    Designed to be simple, fast and playable, Ships & Shield Walls is perfect for those campaigns that aspire to the epic: voyages across the oceans; high-seas piracy; shield wall clashes, or battles between massive armies.

    White Death [PDF] A Soviet drift station in the Arctic ocean, seemingly abandoned. The Agency wants to know what the Russians were doing there and why it was so abruptly vacated. It has assembled a team to investigate; to uncover whatever it was the Soviet Union was using the station for.

    But what the agents find might not be what they were expecting. And what's more, the Russians are coming back...

    White Death is a complete scenario for Mythras Imperative and Mythras. Compatible with supplements such as Luther Arkwright, the adventure is a Science Fiction and Espionage thriller in the B movie style. White Death also includes 6 pregenerated Agency personnel for immediate play, and rules for handling insanity in Mythras games.

    Mongoose Publishing


    Pirates of Legend Pirates of Legend brings the golden age of piracy to life! Lay hand to your cutlass and stick your pistols in your belt, friend - adventure is waiting for you offshore! - Ahar!
    Samurai of Legend Experience the Imperial life or that of a Samurai. Understand the importance of defending the honour of you and yours - no matter what it costs.
    Beneath the Opal Moon A free scenario for Samurai of Legend
    Vikings of Legend Vikings brings to life both the history and the myths of the most fierce-some warriors to take to the sea!
    Land of Ice and Stone (Softback) Using the popular Legend RPG rules, Land of Ice and Stone provides a set of rules, races, cultural backgrounds, professions allowing you to play in the oldest of our cultures - the Old Stone Age.

    Mongoose RuneQuest

    RQ Vikings The marauding Vikings get the Mongoose treatment.
    Land of the Samurai A detailed setting covering Mythic Nippon (Japan)
    Price of Honour A scenario for the Land of Samurai setting
    RuneQuest Slaine A pseudo-Celtic setting based just after the last Ice Age (Very loosely Alternate Earth)
    RQ Empires A generic set of rules showing how to build and stat up Empires, with a sample writeup of the Roman Empire
    RQ Guilds, Factions & Cults A generic set of rules showing how to build and stat up Guilds, Factions and Cults, with a sample writeup of several generic guilds

    Deus Vult

    Deus Vult In 1095, Pope Urban II called on the kings and knights of Europe to liberate the Holy Land in a great crusade. As one they lifted their voices to Heaven, crying deus vult - God wills it! This cry was taken up by thousands of knights and peasants, martyrs and madmen, as a great tide of righteous fury flooded across the world.

    This cry was heard in the shadows, too. Since the days of the apostles, a secret order of warrior monks guarded the church and protected Christendom from all enemies, both natural and supernatural. Trained from birth and equipped with lost secrets of ancient civilisations, this secret order also hears the call to crusade. Deus vult - God will it, and they are the instruments of His divine Will.

    It is the closing years of the twelfth century. Saladin has reconquered the Kingdom of Jerusalem, and the holy city is once more in the hands of the Saracen. Heresies and sorcery rot Europe from within, while the nobles quarrel and bicker. Even the church is falling prey to this corruption. The world must be saved, through any means necessary. No enemy, no sorcery, no doubt and no fear will prevent the monks of the Order from carrying out the Will of God. Deus Vult!

    Ex Cathedra A cathedral is a prayer in stone, a vaulted hymn of masonry and devoted labour. The great cathedrals are symbols of the great faith of the people and the power of the Church.

    Soon, they will burn. Madness and misrule are loose upon the world, and only the assassin-monks of the secret Order can set things right again. From the Champagne Fair at Troyes to the uttermost depths of the Earth, the hunt is on - but who is the hunted, and who is the hunter, in a time when all law and even sanity itself is overturned.

    Ex Cathedra is a series of three linked adventures for Deus Vult.

    The Games Master's Story Guide In Deus Vult, players are members of a highly secretive order of the Church at the end of the 12th century, dedicated to fighting supernatural evils that would otherwise corrupt God's divine plan for humanity. From hunting ghouls and werewolves in the forests of the Holy Roman Empire, from tracking down diabolic cults in Rouen, to quests across the Holy Land for powerful relics that may save humanity, there is much work ahead of them.
    The Deus Vult Games Master’s Story Guide will show you how to run an effective campaign for this setting using the Legend Core Rulebook, illustrate the alternative history of the latter part of the 12th Century, and give you all the tools you need to create your own adventures set across Europe and deep in the Holy Land.
    From hunting ghouls and werewolves in the forests of the Holy Roman Empire, from tracking down diabolic cults in Rouen, to quests across the Holy Land for powerful relics that may save humanity, your players will have plenty to do. They will also encounter the witch-hunters and first stirrings of the Inquisition - both hate the Order your players serve with a passion, and there is a three-way power struggle stirring within the darkest parts of the Church for which is best placed to counter the supernatural...

    Sacerdos Custos Training Guide The Sacerdos Custos Training Guide contains everything a player needs to know in order to create a character, equip them with the finest weapons of the Order, and fight supernatural evils hidden within the medieval world.

    Requires the Legend Core Rulebook.

    The Heresiarch of Troyes The tale of the Heresiarch begins in the Holy Land. The Knights of the Temple uncovered a cache of occult scrolls and magical paraphernalia in the lands near Bethlehem, including a strange sealed jar. They took their finds back to Europe, to the Chateau du Paynes, in order to study them and unlock their secrets. The chief of these researchers was a scholarly knight named Jerome, who broke the cipher on the jar’s inscription and discovered it contained a bound spirit called The Joyous One. In experimenting with the jar, the Templars accidentally freed the spirit...

    This adventure takes the guardian priests into the city of Troyes, in search of a heretical preacher. The players must follow the trail of the first group of monks to tackle this problem, which leads them to the famous ‘hot fair’ of Troyes and a Templar castle beset by supernatural foes. The adventure is suitable for first or second-degree guardian priests.

    Sanctuaries (Softback) Though the Order’s strength is greatest in northern Europe, its power and influence stretch far beyond the walls of the Mont St. Michel and the borders of France. Across the Holy Roman Empire and the kingdoms of the Mediterranean it maintains priories from which its members may pursue their struggle against the enemies of Christendom. Beyond these, in storied Egypt and mysterious Cyprus, lone outposts guard against the depredations of sorcery and blasphemies of the infidel, for monsters in the night never sleep, and there are but few who can stand against them. Sanctuaries is a supplement that outlines four of the Order’s outposts to which guardian priests might travel in pursuit of a mission – or fall back to in times of need. Each is unique, offering the chance to encounter new supernatural threats and explore an unfamiliar region and culture.

    All four sections are packed with information that Games Masters and players alike can use to enrich their Deus Vult campaign. This includes new creatures, equipment and Preternatural Gifts, information on the local history, inhabitants and culture, and two complete adventures that explore the unique mythology of the local region.

    Take up your sword, your shield, and your crucifix, and march grimly into the night.

    The Tomb of Solomon Legend holds that Solomon, son of David and king of the Jews, had in his possession a magical ring that gave him power over demons and spirits. He imprisoned these spirits and sealed them away forever, so they would trouble humanity no more – and every word of this legend is true.

    King Solomon was indeed a mighty sorcerer and he mastered a spell of binding that could contain even the most powerful spirit. He travelled the length and breadth of Judea, ridding the land of spirits and demons. Some he forced to serve him, others he demanded knowledge from but the greater part of these he imprisoned for all eternity in a trap-filled dungeon, the Tomb of Solomon.

    Today, the tomb is lost beneath the deserts of Syria – and this is a blessing for mankind, for if the tomb were to be found, the greed of men would surely lead to them loosing the demons of Solomon on the world. As the wise king learned at great cost, power corrupts.

    Lord of Misrule This adventure follows on from The Heresiarch of Troyes. The spirit, still in the body of the leper Jacques Taillebois, escaped from the Chateau du Paynes via the secret tunnel. Instead of returning to Troyes, the Joyous One set off for the coast. The Joyous One needs Magic Points to survive. In Troyes, it was able to feed off its cult. It created the new Heresiarch to provide it with a constant supply of food but the characters foiled that scheme. It can still survive on the vestiges of the cult and those it seduces on the road but the more damage the characters do to its cult, the more desperate the spirit becomes. If the characters fail to complete any of the adventures along the way, the final battle against the Joyous One will be much harder.

    Shadow Societies Most creatures that come to the attention of the Order are lone predators or members of a small pack or cult. They may be dangerous adversaries - red in tooth and claw, or wielding foul sorceries – but they tend to be isolated threats. They lack the co-ordination and resources guardian priests can bring to bear. Such enemies are dealt with swiftly and without mercy.

    In recent years, however, it has become apparent to the Masters of the Order that other forces are at work in the world. These are not just mindless monsters or heretical rabbles but organised and purposeful groups whose powers are not to be underestimated and whose goals are dark and fathomless.

    As always, the Order must respond. It must adapt and counter these new challenges, in order to see His Will done and Christendom protected.

    But can the truth be uncovered in time? And even then, can mortal man hope to stand against such ageless adversaries when, for so long, they have gone about their work undetected?

    Presented within this book are details of some of the mysterious groups whose activities threaten not just Christendom but the world itself. Many of these organisations are centuries old, with schemes and ambitions set to play out in the years ahead. They can provide even experienced guardian priests with new and diverse challenges – and move the events of a Deus Vult campaign far beyond the relative safety of northern Europe to the Holy Lands and beyond. For, just as the Order is increasingly aware of these shadowy groups, so they too are taking a greater interest in the warriors of the Mont St. Michel.

    These include Malik Dhukan, the exiled King of the Djinn; strange were-races of the Scions of Zeus; and mysterious eastern sorcerers from far Cathay.

    But fear not brothers and sisters, for ours is a divine calling and we shall not be alone. Strike out into the darkness.



    Aces High BRP in the Mythic Wild West
    Aces High: New Mexico Welcome to New Mexico 1875! Land of Enchantment

    Aces High: New Mexico, Dark Days in the Land of Enchantment, is a companion book for Chaosium‘s Aces High BRP supplement.

    Aces High: New Mexico is split into two sections; the first section is concerned with historical, geographical and societal issues that will allow the Master to explore some of the land of New Mexico during the appropriate period. The second section is the "Incident at Alice" scenario which will allow the players to interact with some of the people and creatures that live here.

    Blood and Badges The year is 1855.

    Perfection is a small gold-mining town located on the east side of the Rocky Mountains, in the Kansas Territories.

    The state of Colorado has not yet been established. The impetuous daughter of a rail-baron left home to experience the Western Frontier. For three months there has been no word from her. Pinkerton Agents are now on the case, hired to find Victoria Featherstone amid the unknown dangers of the Wild West.

    This is one of eight Basic Roleplaying adventures, winners of the Chaosium BRP adventure contest.

    Devil's Gulch Another Wild West, or Weird West BRP supplement with a very pretty cover.
    Berlin 61 BRP in Cold War Berlin
    BRP Adventures A number of BRP scenarios, including two for Fantasy Europe and one for Mythic Wild West
    Val-de-Loup Medieval adventures in the Heart of the Ardennes Forests.
    Agents of the Crown Victorian Roleplaying as servants of Her Majesty, God Bless Her!
    BRP Witchcraft A generic supplement showing witches and warlocks in all their glory
    Modern Equipment Catalog A catalogue of modern equipment, it does what it says on the tin
    Mythic Iceland Legend and Adventure in Viking-Age Iceland

    The Nordic and Celtic peoples who settled Iceland in the 9th century came from lands with rich traditions of folklore, where the mythical and supernatural were part of daily life. They found an island of striking beauty, with inland valleys, richly grassed and forested lowlands, massive glaciers, and impressive volcanic mountain ranges. They also found a land teeming with spirits of nature and mythic creatures.

    Mythic Iceland offers Basic Roleplaying players the experience of living and adventuring in the Iceland described in the Sagas and in Icelandic fairy-tales. In Mythic Iceland all the creatures of myth and all the magical aspects of life really do exist, and they play a major role in people’s lives. The elves, or hidden folk, exist hidden from the eyes of the common folk, and sometimes meddle in their affairs. Those travelling through the highlands risk being attacked by trolls, and often curses and spells are laid on neighbors and enemies.


    Introduction, History of Mythic Iceland, Character Creation, Life in Saga-Age Iceland, Law and Government, Norse Religion, Magic in Mythic Iceland, A Traveler’s Guide to Mythic Iceland, Elves and the Hidden People, Álfheimur, The Lands to the West, The Wide World, Going Viking, Running a Game of Mythic Iceland, Creatures of Mythic Iceland, The Trouble with Neighbors, Cthulhu Dark Ages Iceland, Cthulhu Dark Ages Scenario, Bibliography, Fold-Out Map.

    Strange Tales of Dread & Wonder #1 A Cthulhu (yuk) monograph but with a Val-de-Loup scenario.
    A Nation Ransomed A Modern Military Adventure for Basic Roleplaying

    A Chinese nuclear submarine bearing a dozen missiles, each with a nuclear warhead, reported a major mechanical malfunction and would return to port. The ship is late. World governments receive a broadcast from the captain of the lost submarine, demanding that Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea surrender to the Peoples Republic of China by midnight -- to be absorbed into that great nation. If they refuse, a random city in those countries will be destroyed each hour thereafter. Civil panic has overwhelmed the government’s ability to deal with this terrorist threat.

    This is a modern-day military adventure for Basic Roleplaying, one of the winners of the second BRP Adventure Contest.

    Blood Tide THE GOLDEN AGE OF PIRACY is a time when men turn their hands against each other and the seas and coasts are splattered with blood.

    The wars that ravaged Europe are over, but peace brings new problems. Thousands have been displaced or orphaned, their homes and lands ruined or claimed by others. Many thousands more see their livelihoods as soldiers and sailors disappear as Europe’s armies and navies are reduced in size. National resources are free to invest in exploration, colonization, and trade. Mercantilism is on the rise and the great ports of Europe are flooded with wealth drawn from the Far East and the West Indies. Spain holds most of the New World in her grasp, extracting fabulous amounts of gold and silver. Plantations on Cuba, Hispaniola, Barbados and other islands turn a tidy profit.

    From approximately 1655 until the early 1730’s the world sees the largest surge in acts of piracy in recorded history. It is this inspiring era that gives us Henry Morgan, Blackbeard, Kidd, the Isle of Tortuga, Port Royal, Anne Bonny, and Mary Reade. This is the era of Blood Tide!

    Chaosium - Cthulhu Dark Ages

    Cthulhu Dark Ages Roleplaying in the Dark Ages using the Call of Cthulhu system and (yuk) the Cthulhu Mythos
    Ravenar Sagas Cthulhu Dark Ages scenarios set in Norseland
    Spirits & Dreams of the Viking Age This Cthulhu Dark Ages supplement focuses on magic and horror in the Viking Age. It describes the Norse world and its magic. It examines shamanistic traditions in Northern Europe and hypothesizes an Otherworld, its inhabitants, and its connections to the Cthulhu Mythos. It offers a set of spells for Investigators and their adversaries.

    Then follows several linked scenarios in which the Investigators encounter the gods, spirits, and sorcerers active in the Viking world.

    They discover that even the gods offer only a thin shield between humanity and a vast, uncaring, universe.

    The Abbey Cthulhu Dark Ages setting based in tenth century France
    The Pastores A Malefic Cult for Cthulhu Dark Ages
    Caligo Accedendum Three scenarios for Cthulhu Dark Ages, including a Vikings scenario

    Chaosium - Cthulhu Invictus

    Cthulhu Invictus Horror Roleplaying in Ancient Rome
    Malum Umbra The First Cthulhu Invictus Companion
    Extrico Tabula The Second Cthulhu Invictus Companion
    Bestiae A free PDF containing beasties for the Cthulhu Invictus setting
    Fabulae A free PDF containing scenario seeds for the Cthulhu Invictus setting
    Patrocinium A free PDF containing patronage rules for the Cthulhu Invictus setting
    Populus A free PDF containing NPCs for the Cthulhu Invictus setting

    Chaosium - Down Darker Trails

    Down Darker Trails Saddle up! Get yourself a posse together and have a look-see what’s over that hill. There’s strange rumors coming in from the whisperin’ desert. You’d best put a round in that iron and make haste!

    Down Darker Trails is a new setting for Call of Cthulhu - the American West of the late 19th century. The era of gold rushes, outlaws and lawmen, discovery and expansion.

    Rub shoulders with the likes of Wild Bill Hickok, Crazy Horse, and Calamity Jane, while journeying through towns like Deadwood and Dodge City - names and places that have transcended history to become legend. Down these dark trails the taint of the Cthulhu Mythos stirs, ready to lure the unwary and tempt the power hungry with whispered secrets of cosmic knowledge. This is a West of hidden worlds, lost treasures and cities, dubious deals and unsavory alliances. A land filled with beauty, mystery, terror-and wild adventure!

    Here you will find the means to create Old West investigators, new occupations, new pulp talents, and new skills. Captured in text and image is the history of the Old West, famous individuals, playing American Indian heroes, notable places and sites, as well as inspiration and guidance on bringing the terrors and mysteries of the Great Old Ones into your games.

    Two complete towns, the gold-hungry Pawheton and San Rafael on the Texas border, are fully detailed, providing Keepers with ready-made inhabitants and locales from which to stage campaigns. Four different Lost Worlds are discussed, from the weird subterranean world of K’n-yan to the eerie Shadow Desert.

    Packed with advice on creating campaigns and adventures, including two complete introductory-level adventures:
    Scanlon’s Daughter - a murder mystery set between two feuding Texas ranches.
    Something From Down There - join the rescue of a group of missing miners whose digging stirred things best left forgotten
    Special character sheets are included in the download package.

    Down Darker Trails is a setting supplement with scenarios useable with Call of Cthulhu and Pulp Cthulhu.

    Alephtar Games

    Merrie England: Robyn Hode The latest incarnation of Merrie England,this book contains all you need to be able to play in England at the time of Robyn Hode.

    Using the Revolution D100 Ruleset, Merrie England: Robyn Hode provides a set of rules, cultural backgrounds and professions that allow you to play one of the Merrie Men, one of the Sheriff ’s guards or even one of the corrupt churchmen of the time.

    Not restricted to the outlaws of Sherwood Forest, this also covers the wider Medieval England, allowing your game to expand outside the forest.

    So, come and join the outlaws of Merrie England and help in the Revolution in Sherwood!

    This book requires the Revolution D100 core rulebook. But even if you use it with another, compatible game system, we will not report you to the evil Sheriff.

    The Conspiracy Theory An introductory adventure for Revolution D100

    (also playable as a standalone game)

    Welcome to the real world. The world where what you read in the Deep Internet is true. Where Princess Yasmine von Hohenstaufen is the rightful heiress to the Holy Roman Emperor. Where Project Apollo did not really reach the Moon because “they” would not allow it. Where the Monna Lisa in the Louvre is a copy. Where Paul McCartney died in 1969 and was replaced by a look-alike. Where heroes do not die, they just go to sleep in preparation for the world’s direst hour.

    In this game, the player characters are these sleeping heroes, ready to face a threat from beyond the stars.

    This adventure introduces you to the Revolution D100 game system, including Advanced Combat with both modern and ancient weaponry, by sitting down and playing with pregenerated characters. The scenario includes a simplified subset of the rules, to let you learn the game gradually.

    Wind on the Steppes (Out of Print) For longer than two millennia they raided and subjugated their civilized neighbours of the West and the East. Europe, Russia, China and the Islamic Caliphate feared them and sometimes revered them as their masters. For no matter which tribe led them, whether Huns, Turks or Mongols, the Steppe Nomads ruled over Central Asia and dared to wage war against anyone in the world, believing that their god Tengri had granted them power over all inferior mortals. And in truth the gods of war often smiled upon their armies, blessing them with victory over countless enemies.

    Wind on the Steppes is a supplement for the Basic Roleplaying system describing the features common to all nomad tribes and the peculiarities of each nomad ethnicity or empire. Within it you will find inspiration for fleshing out powerful enemies for your historical campaigns based on other Alephtar Games supplements. But its use is not limited to providing you with more detailed “bad guys”: Nomads can be fascinating player characters, too. The harsh life of the steppe and the unique flavour of their shamanistic approach to the supernatural world will give you plenty of great roleplaying opportunities.

    This game supplement offers a realistic representation of nomad society and may put players in contact with practices that someone might find disturbing like slavery, human sacrifices, mistreatment of women and extreme physical abuse. It is therefore recommended for a mature audience.

    Stupor Mundi (Out of Print) [PDF] Roleplaying in the World of Frederick II, Holy Roman Emperor - A 14th Century Fantasy Europe setting, newly released for RuneQuest
    Hounds of Adranos (Out of Print) A detailed scenario for Stupor Mundi
    Kidnapping in Al-Halisa (Out of Print) A young girl has disappeared and the heroes have only a few hours to rescue her before her captors carry her to the slave market. A classic plot in any fantasy roleplaying game, except that action takes place in thirteenth century Italy, and that the girl’s prison is not a monster-filled dungeon but an Arabian district in a European city. However, the rescuers will soon discover that this labyrinth of alleys can host more dangers and more magic than a haunted cave.
    Veni, Vidi, Vici (Out of Print) A PDF scenario pack for BRP Rome..
    Crusaders of the Amber Coast (Out of Print) It is the year 1206 AD. In the city of Riga, a Christian outpost in the pagan lands of the frozen North, Prince-Bishop Albert founds the Brotherhood of the Sword to subjugate the pagans and convert them to the True Faith. The age of the Northern Crusades has begun.
    For the Basic Roleplaying system. Includes a complete, ready-to-play campaign.
    Dragon Lines (Out of Print) A Martial Artist's power comes from life-giving Chi, which suffuses the land of the Dragon Empire. It is your duty to use your martial skills and amazing Chi powers to protect the Forbidden City from the hungry ghosts, hopping vampires and Foreign Devils who murder and steal from the innocent.
    The Celestial Empire (Out of Print) This book is thus a historically accurate roleplaying game about Imperial China. Yet history-based does not mean boring: depending on the game master’s inspiration, ‘The Celestial Empire’ may capture the exotic bewilderment of The Journey to the West, the virile excitement of The Water Margin, the investigative astuteness of Judge Dee, or the kinetic fantasy from Hong Kong fiction!

    Cakebread and Walton


    Renaissance Deluxe Renaissance Deluxe is a set of role-playing rules for the age of sail and piracy; of black powder weaponry and religious wars; of discovery, colonisation, and the rise of merchant capitalism.
    The Mystery of Shirdley Hall An adventure for Clockwork & Cthulhu. Flintlock & Steel: Renaissance Adventures are a series of pocket-money PDF adventures for the Renaissance system. Look out for further titles coming soon!
    Wolves of the Coast You may have thought Renaissance Deluxe was only useful for black powder games. Here, Adrian Jones demonstrates the system's flexibility, with a FREE one-shot adventure and resource pack, pitting Irish Adventurers against Viking raiders...
    The Isle of the Stone When Irish villagers disturb an ancient burial mound, dark forces awaken... A sequel to Wolves of the Coast
    The Depths of Winter The Adventurers are all members of a military unit involved in the French and Indian Wars. The events take place in the Colonial North East, on the border between the modern day United States of America and Canada. A determined party of Rogers' Rangers must trek through the depths of winter to raid a French fort. Includes an adventure and resource pack for the period. Requires the Renaissance Deluxe rules.
    The Breaking of Spring 1756, early spring. Some snow still lies on the ground in the colonial north-east. The Adventurers are all French-speaking colonial frontiersmen, who have been conscripted into the British Army. Due to their special skills, they have been assigned to the crack regiment known as Rogers’ Rangers. Tasked with sinking a French ship in the harbour of Port Louis, they little suspect the obstacles that stand in their way...

    A historical adventure for Renaissance Deluxe, and a follow-up to the first Rogers’ Rangers adventure, The Depths of Winter.

    Pirates & Dragons

    Pirates & Dragons Rulebook Pirates & Dragons is a role-playing game of fantasy swashbuckling in a world of magic and treasure, of fantastical islands inhabited by strange beasts and vile necromancers, of treachery and heroism. Together with a group of friends, you take on the role of pirates, out for adventure and booty – raiding the treasure galleons of Esbania, the merchant fleets of Gaule and Batavia, the dragon-hunting ships of Albion, the ruins of lost Adalantas... and the gold-filled caves of ancient and evil dragons.

    Gather your crew. Load your flintlocks. And prepare to plunder!

    Pirates & Dragons features cinematic game mechanics based on the acclaimed Renaissance D100 system and is compatible with other D100 systems.

    Pirates & Dragons Corvette This product is a full colour floorplan, 48 x 20 inch, of the top deck of two pirate vessels, suitable for use in the Pirates & Dragons RPG. It comes with Square, Hex and No Ovelays versions.

    It includes the top deck only of two ships, the pirate corvette depicted as a “starter ship” for Adventurers in the Pirates & Dragons Core Rulebook, and a zombie pirate ship based on that corvette. The area around the ship has been left blank to save on ink for printing at home. Visually, the corvette looks like it was recently commissioned and sailing out of the port with clean white sails. This is contrasted with the zombie ship that is sailing with tattered brown sails. The blackened deck is rotting with several holes in the hull and the planks appear to be warped by an endless time at sea.

    Note that this is the Pirates & Dragons version of DramaScape’s 18th Century Corvette, with only a little extra P&D background material – if you already have the DramaScape version, you don’t need both. But our friends at DramaScape also do a print version of these ship plans – see DramaScape for details. And while you’re there, check out their other floorplans, many of which are suitable for your Pirates & Dragons campaigns!

    Skull Cove In the distant reaches of the Dragon Isles lies a quiet cove, where friendly pirates welcome the Adventurers to their small settlement. But all is not as it seems - there is a dark secret behind the smiles of the inhabitants...

    This adventure for Pirates & Dragons includes statistics for both the Renaissance and OneDice versions of the game, as well as retro-clone stats. It is intended to be used with the large scale colour map of Skull Cove presented by Dramascape. Both can be bought together - look for the discounted bundle!

    Note: The Dramascape map package also contains a completely different take on the island, for the Savage Worlds system. Renaissance, OneDice and retro-clone stats are provided in this product for that adventure.

    Curious Creatures of the Dragon Isles A collection of many monsters to add fearsome foes and forthright friends to your Pirates & Dragons campaign. Illustrated in colour, each creature is given a full write-up, with Renaissance D100 and retro-clone stats and encounter tables for the Dragon Isles' varied habitats.

    From giant scorpions to sage tortoises, death toucans to lurking horrors, anthropophagi to hupias, there are enough creatures here to make any scurvy pirate green about the gills.

    Note: Players of the OneDice edition of Pirates & Dragons already have statistics for the creatures in this book, but the text adds much more flavour on the habits and customs of these curious creatures.

    Clockwork and Chivalry

    Clockwork and Chivalry Magick and Clockwork battle for supremacy in a world turned upside down! Adventure in an alternate English Civil War setting.
    Kingdom & Commonwealth Omnibus 1 The first two adventures of the epic Kingdom & Commonwealth Campaign, fully revised and updated for the Renaissance rules for Clockwork & Chivalry 2nd Edition.

    The Alchemist’s Wife - January 1646, and the land is in the grip of an icy winter. From Prince Rupert’s capital of Oxford, the Adventurers set out on a quest for the missing wife of a high-ranking Alchemist. Ahead of them, a ruthless Parliamentarian agent leaves a trail of destruction; behind them, a mysterious figure dogs their footsteps. They are bound for the tainted lands around Naseby, where the magickal aftermath of alchemical warfare blights the countryside. Beyond lie the clockwork weapon-shops of Cambridge and a deadly climax which could re-ignite the smouldering embers of Civil War.

    Thou Shalt Not Suffer - There are those who claim that witches don’t exist! They also claim that tales of curses and crop blights, of midnight sabbats and dark conspiracies, are the fevered imaginings of fanatical witch finders. Those people have never been to Cornwall. In that wild and sea-girt land, the Witch Queen rules through sorcery and fear, and the Royalist majority seem to be in thrall to her evil will. The Adventurers are sent on a mission to this bleak, remote and sinister place, where they must struggle through a maze of witches, wreckers and pirates, miners, fanatics and superstitious peasants, to find the truth behind a growing evil which could swallow up the whole of England.

    Kingdom & Commonwealth Omnibus 2 The first two adventures of the epic Kingdom & Commonwealth Campaign, fully revised and updated for the Renaissance rules for Clockwork & Chivalry 2nd Edition.

    The third and fourth adventures of the epic Kingdom & Commonwealth Campaign, fully revised and updated for the Renaissance rules for Clockwork & Chivalry 2nd Edition.

    No Man’s Land - In most of England, an uneasy peace holds – but in the Debatable Lands on the outskirts of Birmingham, the conflict continues. Cavaliers and Roundheads are bogged down in muddy trenches fighting over every inch of blasted ground. Clockwork death machines grind across the landscape; magickally created disease miasmas drift on the breeze and settle in the craters left by the incessant cannon barrages. And in the despoiled wastelands round about, rival gangs on iron horses fight over scarce resources, obscure points of theology and access to the winding stations that they need to keep their vehicles running. Somewhere in this bloody chaos, the renegade clockwork alchemist, Lady Arabella Blackwood is up to no good. Can the adventurers find her before she achieves her nefarious aims?

    Quintessence - boldy venture where no gentleman has previously ventured. It’s the talk of the town in the London cofee houses - how everyone’s buying shares in the Company of Gentleman Adventurers Trading into the Moon! In the London docks a ship is being built, designed by clockwork genius John Wilkins, a ship that can fly. It will be the first vessel ever to leave the shores of Earth and venture to another world – whatever it brings back, the profits will be enormous. Only the Adventurers, their mission aboard the moon-ship a secret at the highest levels, know that they will not be the first to visit the Moon – their nemesis is ahead of them, and up to no good as usual. As the party face ship-board skullduggery, meet wonders between the worlds and face first contact with an ancient civilisation, the race is on to find the secret of the fifth element - Quintessence!

    The Alchemist's Wife A Clockwork and Chivalry Scenario.
    Thou Shalt Not Suffer A Clockwork and Chivalry Scenario.
    No Man's Land A Clockwork and Chivalry Scenario.

    D101 Games

    The Savage North OpenQuest Rules for gaming in The Savage North - not Conan, oh no, not at all
    The Company OpenQuest Rules for gaming as modern day mercenaries with, hopefully stealable, OpenQuest modern rules

    Mystical Throne Entertainment

    Ultimate Mongol Empire Guide Ultimate Mongol Empire Guide is a detailed look at the might of the Mongol Empire during the Middle Ages and the Khans they rallied behind. Throughout the Asian steppes and to areas well beyond their borders, the Mongols’ effecient and effective war tactics allowed the Empire to grow rapidly, consuming everyone around. However, those who submitted to the Empire found a vast merchant network connecting Eurasia, religious freedom, and laws the reflect those still in use today.
    Ultimate Roman Legions Guide Ultimate Roman Legions Guide is a catalog of tools of the trade utilized by the Roman Army. The legions underwent drastic changes over the years moving from seasonal, offensive citizen soldiers, to professional, garrisoned warriors; from infantry based cores to cavalry-heavy mobile units. As the scope of all the drastic changes are quite abundant, this guide focuses on the armies of the Late Republic and Early Empire, roughly from 27 BCE to 284 CE, commonly known as the Principate.
    Ultimate Three Kingdoms Guide Ultimate Three Kingdoms Guide is a detailed look at the kingdoms and warriors of the Three Kingdoms period in ancient China. This period was a chaotic time between the beginnings of the fall of the Han Dynasty to the rise of the Jin Dynasty, roughly from 184 to 280 CE, commonly known as the Three Kingdoms period. Step into the fray as the Kingdoms of Wei, Wu and Shu vie for control of the lands.

    Zozer Games

    Warlords of Alexander BRP Rules for gaming in Greece/Asia Minor for post-Alexandrian setting
    DIADOCHI WARLORDS Campaign (RQ6) [PDF] An RQ6 campaign set in the Warlords of Alexander setting

    Avalon Hill - RuneQuest 3

    Land of Ninja Ninja and Samurai gaming in Fantasy Japan
    Vikings Playing Vikings in Fantasy Europe

    Mythic Russia

    Mythic Russia Roleplaying in 14th Century Russia using HeroQuest but is easily adapted to RQ
    The Birchbark Chronicles 1 [Buy It] The Golden Horde, including a gazeteer and descriptions of the main ethnic groups of the Horde
    Tales From the Firebird A Mythic Russia Fanzine from D101 Games (Newt Newport) which was coming out but is sadly no more.

    Redaktion Phantastik

    Private Eye English translated edition of Private Eye. Corebook for the detective roleplaying system in den victorian time. With all rules, many informations about the victorian london and methodes of criminal investigation and an adventure. 256 p., hardcover, with DIN A1 colour map from London in 1895

    Private Eye - Regelwerk Grundregelwerk für das Rollenspiel Private Eye, 256 S., Hardcover, mit Lesebändchen und A1 Poster: original Londonkarte von 1895

    PRIVATE EYE, ABENTEUER 1 - EINE TÖDLICHE WETTE Eine tödliche Wette, Autor: Thilo Bayer. Abenteuer und Quellenmaterial zum Rollenspiel Private Eye.

    PRIVATE EYE, ABENTEUER 2 - DER SCHRECKEN VON RANDALL CASTLE Der Schrecken von Randall Castle. Autoren: Jan Christoph Steines, Reinhard Kotz. Zwei Abenteuer für das Rollenspiel Private Eye.

    PRIVATE EYE, ABENTEUER 3 - TOD UND ANDERE UNANNEHMLICHKEITEN Tod und andere Unannehmlichkeiten, Autor: Martin Lindner. Abenteuer für das Rollenspiel Private Eye.

    PRIVATE EYE, ABENTEUER 4 - DER MILLIONENCOUP Der Millionencoup, Autoren: Thilo Bayer, Frank Bezner, Jan Christoph Steines. Abenteuer und Quellenmaterial mit Abenteuer für das Rollenspiel Private Eye.

    PRIVATE EYE, ABENTEUER 5 - TIEFE WASSER [PDF] Tiefe Wasser, Autor: Jan Christoph Steines. Abenteuer für das Rollenspiel Private Eye.

    PRIVATE EYE, ABENTEUER 6 - PERFEKTE VERBRECHEN Private Eye - Abenteuerband 6, Perfekte Verbrechen, Zwei Abenteuer für das Rollenspiel Private Eye

    PRIVATE EYE, ABENTEUER 7 - GEISTER DER VERGANGENHEIT Geister der Vergangenheit, Autor: Martin Lindner. Abenteuer für das Rollenspiel Private Eye.

    PRIVATE EYE, ABENTEUER 8 - SPUR INS DUNKEL Spur ins Dunkel, Autor: Jan Christoph Steines. Zwei Abenteuer und Quellenmaterial für das Rollenspiel Private Eye.

    PRIVATE EYE, ABENTEUER 9 - DIE 7 ABSCHIEDSBRIEFE DES MR. POMEROY Die 7 Abschiedsbriefe des Mr. Pomeroy, Autor: Oliver Quick. Ein Abenteuer für das Rollenspiel Private Eye. 48 S., Softcover, Klebebindung

    PRIVATE EYE, ABENTEUER 10 – LIEBE, GELD UND ANDERE INTRIGEN Liebe, Geld und andere Inrigen, Autoren: Ralf sandfuchs, Natascha Weiler, Martin Dürr und Markus Kuhn, Ein Abenteuer für das Rollenspiel Private Eye.

    PRIVATE EYE, ABENTEUER 11 - AUGE UM AUGE [PDF] Auge um Auge, Autor: Jan Christoph Steines, Ein Abenteuer für das Rollenspiel Private Eye.


    Uruk Un univers historique dans la Mésopotamie du IIIe millénaire av. J.-C. pour le système Basic RPS

    A historical setting in 3rd Millenium BC Mesopotomia for the Basic Roleplaying System