Including Balazar

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Created On 22 January 2001
Last Updated On 22 January 2001
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The Dragon Pass and Nomad Gods games are limited in that there are only two games and these are restricted to two areas.

Here are some ideas for rules for extending the Dragon Pass rules to Balazar and the Elder Wilds.

I originally had this article as a single article, but I have changed and extended these rules, including adding Battalia information, so I have split these up into sections for easy loading.

Some of the statistics are taken from the Dragon Pass game, some from the Nomad Gods game and some from Stephen Martin's Shadows Dance Battalia. Thanks to Stephen Martin for granting permission to use the stats. Thanks also to Doug Findlayson for his comments.

Rules Description
Human Battalia
Non-Human Battalia
Pentian Battalia
Heroes and Spirits