The Dragonewt of Storm

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Created On 1 May 2000
Last Updated On 1 May 2000
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When Nysalor was alive and living in Dorastor, he invited many of the surrounding people to send emissaries to him. Many did, including the Dragonewts of Ralios. Their Inhuman King came and served the Beautiful God as part of the Dragonewt Tribute after Nysalor had conquered them.

Lokamayadon, Nysalor's Storm Master wanted to gain control of all the Storms of the world. As part of this, he tried to influence the mighty Storm Dragon but all his efforts failed as he had no Draconic powers. Eventually he hit on a plan - what if he took a Storm Spirit and combined that with a dragonewt? This would give him an intermediary and would allow him to contact the Storm Dragon. He took the Ralian Inhuman King and persuaded him to undergo a change to become closer to the Storm Dragon. As the Ralian Dragonewts are descended from the Storm Dragon, and as the Inhuman King had become affected by Nysalor's ways, he agreed and merged with the Storm Spirit of Dorastor. The result was not what anyone had anticipated. The Dragonewt became sundered from the Dragonewt Path but gained powers over Storm. The weather in Dorastor stopped working properly, so Lokamayadon had to use his own Breath to control the winds and rain. The Dragonewts in Ralios could not undergo rebirth as their Inhuman King was no more. The Storm Dragon viewed the creation as an abomination and would not have anyting to do with it. Nobody was happy.

Then Arkat came.

The Dragonewt of Storm would not fight for Nysalor as he harboured a grudge over his transformation. However, he could not fight for Arkat as he was honour bound to serve Nysalor. So he hid away and avoided the destruction.

Ralzakark, as part of his Quest to restore the Storm Spirit of Dorastor, found the Dragonewt of Storm but did not free him, believing that finding a more powerful Spirit would be to his own advantage. However, he did allow the Dragonewt of Storm to surface and to roam Dorastor.

Since then, the Dragonewt of Storm has travelled Dorastor, searching for a way to be freed. He tried to attempt the Utuma Ritual but failed because he could not remember the Way. He tried finding Storm Cultists and speaking to them but they were always on missions to destroy Chaos and attacked him. Eventually, he became unhinged and merely killed those he met.

Arkat cursed the Dragonewt of Storm to keep the Chaos Dragon asleep and Nyslaor cursed him to sleep when the Chaos Dragon is awake and to be awake when the Chaos Dragon sleeps. After many years, the Dragonewt of Storm found that the Chaos Dragon could be kept asleep by performing certian rituals using the relics of the Storm Dragon, so he ensured that those relics remained in the hands of those powerful enough to perform the rituals. After Ralzakark was awaknened, the relics of the Storm Dragon ended up in the hands of his lieutenants and the Dragonewt of Storm worked to keep things that way. All the major people in Dorastor wanted the Dragonewt of Storm to be left alone as they knew that he kept the Chaos Dragon in check and if he were slain or released the Chaos Dragon would awaken.

In the campaign, a PC, Bolgar Brother of the Bull, was contacted by the Storm Dancers, a small group of people dedicated to the Storm Dragon. They had been taught some secrets and operated as elite forces for the High Priest at Stormwalk Mountain. Amongst their abilities was the use of Ki powers (from Land of Ninja) as in my Glorantha the Ki powers come from the Dragons and are extensions of Dragon Magic. They were willing to teach Bolgar (who always wanted to become a Ninja, a common enough ambition for a Storm Khan) the Ki secrets if he would help them. The Storm Dragon was being attacked by an unknown force and the ties between it and the Storm Dancers were loosening. He had to find a way to strengthen the Storm Dragon. Well, what better way than to release the Dragonewt of Storm?

The PCs located and liberated each of the relics of the Storm Dragon and, in doing so, they weakened the hold of the Dragonewt of Storm. When the last relic was liberated, nobody could perform the ritual to keep the Chaos Dragon asleep and it began to stir.

I can't remember the exact details of how the PCs managed to free the Dragonewt of Storm, but after being fried by Heroic Lightning a few times, they HeroQuested to mighty Orlanth and gained the use of some polished Tin Mirrors (Large, Polished Shields, like the Elmali Shields) which they used to deflect the Lightning Bolts away and managed to perform a ceremony to release the Dragonewt of Storm.

Thus, with one fell swoop they restored the Inhuman King of the Ralios Barbarian Dragonewts, restored a Storm Spirit to Dorastor and survived. Hoorah!