Dragonewt of Storm

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Created On 1 May 2000
Last Updated On 1 May 2000
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The history of the Dragonewt of Storm is detailed elsewhere. It has refined and enhanced its Storm powers, allowing it to kill with lightning bolts at will. He is constantly surrounded by raging stormclouds and walks through a continual rainstorm. He is immune to electrical and storm effects. It can bestow or remove air, causing suffocation or hyperventilation. It can deafen with a thunderclap and blind with a lightning flash.

The Dragonewt of Storm wanders around Western Dorastor, rarely travelling to the East unless sorely pressed, and almost never travels to the Seven Hills where the Chaos Dragon sleeps. The Dragonewt of Storm was summoned from Dorastor once, by the Lunars, but the strain was so great that he cannot leave the land again.

Dragonewt of Storm

Dragonewt, Hero of Storm, Guardian of the Chaos Dragon
STR 80CON 80SIZ 40INT 40POW 40DEX 30APP 30
Move 5/13 Flying Fatigue 160 DEX SR 1 Magic Points 40 Hit Points 60 Dodge 1000%
HP 60
FP 160
WeaponSRAttack %DamageParry %AP
Claw12000%1D10 + 6D6
Bite12000%2D6 + 6D6
Klanth12000%1D10 + 6D62000%40
Head19-2020(40) 9/20
Left Arm17-1819(40) 9/15
Right Arm15-1618(40) 9/15
Left Wing1416-17(40) 9/15
Right Wing1314-15(40) 9/15
Chest1210-13(40) 9/24
Abdomen09-1106-09(40) 9/20
Left Leg06-0804-05(40) 9/20
Right Leg03-0502-03(40) 9/20
Tail01-0201(40) 9/15

Special Powers

  1. Can heal up to its POW in damage each round on SR 10 (or 12 if 12 SR/round)
  2. Can fire up to 8 lightning bolts per round, doing 8D6 general hit points each bolt
  3. Claws and bite inject a POT 40 poison, matched vs CON, if successful the victim loses 1Fatigue Point per hour until he falls into a coma and eventually dies, otherwise he loses 1 Fatigue point per day until he falls into a coma. The poison can be treated if it is known to exist. Multiple doses of poison cause faster fatigue loss.
  4. Can cause one foe per round to hyperventilate, after a MP vs MP success, becoming functionally incapacitated for 40 - POW rounds while he is within 200 metres of the Dragonewt of Storm
  5. Can cause one foe per round to suffocate, after a MP vs MP success, treat as drowning, but CON rolls start at CONx5%, reducing to CONx1% and taking 1D4 damage to the chest if the CON roll is failed while he is within 200 metres of the Dragonewt of Storm
  6. Can cause one person per round to stop flying on a POW vs POW roll
  7. Can double movement rate for 10 rounds at a cost of 1 MP
  8. Absorbs its POW (40) in damage each blow, this even affects critical hits
  9. On a MP vs MP victory, the Dragonewt of Storm can blind an opponent per round for 40 -POW rounds.

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