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Alephtar Games have started a Crowdfunding campaign at Ulule for a new Revolution D100 game and a new version of Merrie England: Robyn Hode.

This will give Alephtar Games a rules system on which to base their future supplements and neatly sidesteps the licensing issues that have dogged them in the past.

From a personal view, I am pleased that a new version of Merrie England is happening, as it has been through two licenses, MRQ and BRP, so hopefully this will be the final version.

If the crowdfunder goes well, we are plannign a Merrie England Companion with more Medieval goodness.

However, we need to get the crowdfunder completely funded first, so please go to the site and make a pledge - You won't regret it!

Continuum 2014

I had a blast at this year's Continuum convention. Read my
blog post to see what I thought of it.

Nomad Gods

Scott has posted some excellent news on the Gloranthan Boardgames Yahoo group:
I'm pleased to announce that Greg Stafford and Moon Design have given their permission to release a module for the 1977 version of Nomad Gods.

It's available on the VASSAL site:

Assuming everything goes according to plan, I hope to have a module for Dragon Pass (Chaosium edition) out in the Fall.

Now, this is what I hoped would happen for CyberBoard, but I wasn't skilled enough to do it.

Hopefully, there will be more good news regarding this in the future.

Merrie England

I have written, or plan to write, a series of supplements set in 12th Century Brtain, allowing you to play in the lands of King Richard, Prince John and Robin Hood.

Sites connected to Merrie England are:

Merrie England: Age of Eleanor

Alephtar Games have published Merrie England: Age of Eleanor for the Mongooe RuneQuest ruleset.

It is a medieval sourcebook, looking specifically at the Angevin period of Kings Henry II, Richard and John. When I wrote it I wanted it to be more of a gaming supplement than Stupor Mundi was, hopefully with gaming content on every page or, if not, on every other page.

The plan was to bring out a series of related supplements, but with Mongoose potentially pulling the RuneQuest Logo, that might not be on the cards. Perhaps it's time to dust of the D100 Games Logo.

Merrie England: Age of Chivalry

A full conversion of Age of Eleanor to BRP and an expansion to treble the number of pages, Merrie England: Age of Chivalry is a new supplement published by Alephtar Games.

It is a medieval sourcebook, with gaming content on every page or, if not, on every other page. Building on the material in Age of Eleanor, Age of Chivalry contains new material on Western Christendom, Catholocism, The Christian Heresies, Islam, Judaism, the Crusades, Demonology and much, much more.

Mongoose and Legend

After Mongoose and Issaries Inc parted ways, Mongoose have brought out a version of their RuneQuest rules, now called Legend.

It looks very nice indeed. They have fixed some of the issues that affected MRQII, but please don't ask for the Charging Rules to be clarified on a forum ... Legend is competitively priced, at 9.99, which means that my wife bought me it for Christmas, and I am glad that she did. The format is roughly A5 in size, something that I didn't think would work but does. The best thing about it, though, is that is is OGL with all text as OGC. That means that other publishers can write things for it without being hindered by lawsuits etc.


Chaosium have brought out their BRP game, which is an impressive beast. It covers many genres and is a bit generic, but many supplements are planned. If you want a D100 alternative to RuneQuest then this is certainly worth buying.

System Wars

With Legend and BRP coming out, will this herald the start of the System Wars?

I thought that it might, with the D100 gaming community devouring itself over petty arguments over which is better.

But, this hasn't happened. instead, people have picked bits from this system, bits from that system and have used whatever they want. Some people are using Merrie England with Val du Loupe and Deus Vult, others are using different scenarios in several settings.

This can only be a good thing.

Now that RuneQuest 7 is coming out in 2012, we should get more supplements that are generally compatible, providing more goodies for us to play with. I, for one cannot wait!

Mythic Russia Companions

Firebird Productions have brought out The Golden Horde, the first of the Birchbark Chronicles for Mark's Mythic Russia Game with two more planned - The Baltic States and Kievan Rus. This is excellent news, as the Mythic Russia book is too good to just be a one of a kind book. Maybe Paolo will be able to use some of them in his Stupor Mundi series and we can get some well-needed crossover between Mythic Russia HeroQuest and Stupor Mundi RuneQuest.

Old Info

There have been many press releases for RuneQuest/Glorantha/BRP over the years and here are some that caught my attention.

The Death of RuneQuest
Issaries Inc.