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Created On 8 January 2005
Last Updated On 11 February 2017
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Pavic Story Arc Timeline - Using Actual Dates for Griselda/Sun County

I have taken the Timelines from my Pavic Arc article and split them into 2 pages. This page is the Timeline for the Pavis/Prax scenarios but using the actual dates for Griselda and Sun County. This means that there is a gap between the end of Sun County and the start of the Borderlands campaign. One way around this is to move the Borderlands campaign to 1617, then have the party using the To Giantland scenario to travel to Balazar for a couple of years. However, that is a little unsatisfactory and I prefer the amended Timeline as it is easier to play.

Timeline With Actual Griselda and Rabbit Hat Farm Dates
Year Season Scenario
1613 Dark (Griselda) (Encounter with Pikat Yaraboom)
1613 Dark (Griselda) (Grisedla in Adari)
1615 Storm (Griselda) (Roderick killed in the Big Rubble)
1616 Sea Welcome To The City
1616 Sea Burglary at Raus' House
1616 Sea Sun County River Ritual
1616 Earth (Griselda) Lucky Eddi
1616 Earth The Old Sun Dome Temple
1616 Earth Garhound Contest/Melisande's Hand
1616 Fire Rabbit Hat Farm
1616 Fire (Griselda) Griselda Gets Her Men
1616 Fire (Griselda) Shamus Gets a Case
1616 Fire Gaumata's Vision
1616 Dark Solinthor's Tower
1616 Dark Unbearable Lightness of Yelm
1616 Dark (Griselda) A Tasty Morsel
1616 Dark (Griselda) All In The Family
1616 Storm The Hell Hound
1616 Storm (Griselda) Down Among the Dead Men
1617 A Year In Sun County
1617 Sea (Griselda) The Great Chart Caper
1617 Earth (Griselda) Hanufa's Little Sister
1617 Earth (Griselda) Wolfhead's Story
1617 Earth (Griselda) Carving Up Carver
1617 Earth (Griselda) Happy Anniversary
1617 Earth (Griselda) First Class Protection
1617 Earth (Griselda) Devil's Play
1617 Fire (Griselda) Bad Example
1617 Fire (Griselda) Holding The Baby
1617 Fire (Griselda) This Love Business
1617 Fire (Griselda) Serious Money
1617 Fire (Griselda) Worlds Apart
1617 Fire (Griselda) Red Hot
1617 Dark (Griselda) The Hero Bit
1617 Dark (Griselda) The Matchmaker
1617 Dark/Stasis (Griselda) The Trouble With Nephews
1617 Dark (Griselda) Respect
1617 Storm (Griselda) Different Shades of Red
1617 Storm (Griselda) Meet The Parents
1619 Scouting the Land
1619 Sins of the Father
1619 Jezra's Rescue
1619 Return to the Stone Tower
1619 A Trip to Pavis
1619 A Loaf of Bread A Jug of Wine and Thou (On Return Part of A Trip to Pavis)
1619 Muriah's Revenge
1619 Restless Natives
1619 Five Eyes
1619 Dyskund Caverns
1619 A Tale to Tell
1619 Smugglers
1619 Condor Crags
1619 Into Giantland
1619 Storm Troubled Waters
1619 Storm (Holy Country Invaded - Part of Attack Led From Corflu)
1620 Sea Temple At Feroda
1620 Fire Griffin Gate
1620 Fire Red Moon Rising
1620 Fire Balastor's Barracks
1620 Earth Krang's Table
1620 Earth Purple Troll
1620 Earth Puzzle Canal
1620 Dark Raid on Yelorna
1620 Dark Devil's Playground
1620 Sacred Time First Proclamation of Marriage Between Pavis and Red Goddess
1621 Sea (Siege of Whitewall Begins)
1621 Sea The Riot
1621 Sea One High Priest Too Many
1621 Sea (Griselda) The Cradlesnatchers
1621 Sea The Cradle
1621 Fire Second Proclamation of Marriage Between Pavis and Red Goddess
1621 Fire Dragonewt Dreamings
1621 Fire Bull by the Tale (On return part of Dragonewt Dreamings)
1621 Earth A Home Away From Home
1621 Earth Ever-Burning Torches
1621 Earth Devil's Swamp
1621 Dark River Rafting
1621 Dark Crimson Shadows Over Prax
1621 Dark (Fall of Whitewall)
1621 Storm Black Magic
1621 Storm The Vomitor
1621 Sacred Time Aldryami Planting Song
1621 Sacred Time (Tatius the Bright Becomes Commander of the Provincial Army)
1621 Sacred Time (Fimbulwinter Starts - No Orlanth Magic Works)
1622 Sea Duke Raus Becomes Governor of Pavis
1622 Sea A Rough Visit to Glamour
1622 Sea Flintnail's One Day House
1622 Sea Introducing the Grey Company
1622 Fire Suspicious Lunars
1622 Fire The Tomb of Yurmonis
1622 Fire Friends and Enemies
1622 Fire The Pavis Old Mint
1622 Fire Magician's Hill
1622 Earth The Legacy of Ghost Fort
1622 Earth Kakstan's Art Museum
1622 Earth Masks of Eurmal
1622 Earth (Battle of Iceland)
1622 Earth (End of Fimbulwinter - Orlanth Magic Works Again)
1622 Dark The Fifth Element
1622 Dark The Kaggroka Contests
1623 Duke Raus Replaced as Governor of Pavis
1623 A New Governor
1623 New disease affects Prax and Pavis, causes tiredness and unconciousness
1623 Argrath travels to the Pairing Stone to be healed of the new disease
1623 Argrath becomes leader of the New Teeth
1624 Dark (Kallyr Starbrow Aids in Shipraising)
1624 (Battle of Milran)
1624 (Harrek Defeats Lunars at the Battle of Pennel)
1624 (Harrek Plunders City of Wonders)
1624 Dark (Temertain Assassinated by Rebel Humakti)
1624 Dark Battle of Corflu against Wolf Pirates
1624 Dark Argrath Liberates Corflu
1624 Storm Lunars create invisible red ropes to capture all herd beasts
1624 Storm Argrath reunites tribes of Prax and summons Jaldon Toothmaker
1625 Sea Seige of Pavis
1625 Sea Argrath uses New Teeth to eat through the walls of Pavis
1625 Sea Argrath Liberates Pavis
1625 Sea GimGim Slain by Argrath
1625 Argrath leads nomad army against Sartar, destroyed by 2 armed demon with an extra arm
1625 Earth (Younger Storm Dragon eats the Lunar Army at New Temple of the Reaching Moon in Sartar)