Eurmal and the Rock Stew

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Created On 28 February 1999
Last Updated On 28 February 1999
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When the World was Bad, the Seven Friends went West to try and put the world to rights.

As they travelled they grew hungry because all the food had gone. They stopped at a village and asked for food, but the visitors were afraid and suspicious and claimed that they had no food themselves, even though they had hidden their provisions.

Orlanth threatened to blow down their houses, but to no avail.

Issaries offered to trade them precious things, but who could eat gold or jewels?

Lhankor Mhy offered Knowledge but that simply made things worse.

Chalana Arroy offered to Heal them but they said that they would die healthy and that was no reward.

At last, Eurmal asked for a cooking pot, a fire, some water and a few stones so that he could make Rock Stew.

He boiled the water, cleaned the stones and put them in the water, stirring and tasting, claiming at last that it was almost ready. The villagers were curious for they had never heard of Rock Stew and had gathered around to watch.

"If only it had some Salt, it would be perfect" said Eurmal, at which a woman ran off to get the salt she had saved.

With a little more stirring, Eurmal said "with a few carrots it would be done" so another ran to get her carrots.

And so it continued with Eurmal claiming that all it needed was potatoes, cabbages, beetroot, fennel, sage, parsley, meat and various other things.

Finally, he declared the Stew was ready and his friends shared their meal with the village who all agreed that it was good.

Even now, they still talk of the day that Eurmal made Rock Stew for them and that it tasted better than the stews they made for themselves.