How Raven Made the People [1]

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Simon E. Phipp
Created On 28 February 1999
Last Updated On 28 February 1999
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Once, when the world was different to how it is now, all the people and the animals were the same. Then Raven flew over the mountains with a Sack of Treasures gained from all over the world. Raven offered the creatures gifts from the bag.

First, he offered a skin of fur which would keep the people warm without the need of Fire. Many took this gift except Man who took instead the ability to make clothing and dressed himself, for before he had been naked.

Second, he offered claws and sharp teeth which many took, except Man who instead asked for the ability to make weapons. The other animals laughed at him, because he had to work hard and did not always have his weapons nearby.

Third, Raven offered the ability to know everything they needed from birth. many took the knowledge from Birth for it was difficult to learn things. Man took the other gift for he was contrary. However, Bear traded some of his knowledge with Man. [2]

Fourth, Raven gave the choice of whether to eat plants or other people. Some took plants, others other people. Man took plants and Bear took meat but once again they traded so that each could eat anything.

Fifth was the ability to be Hunter or Prey. Man and bear chose Hunter, but some chose neither, such as the Mammoths and Earthshakers, which is why nobody hunts them.

Sixth was the choice between knowing how to get healing from the Forest or the knowledge of how to heal themselves. Once again, Bear and Man took different gifts and traded.

Finally, was the choice between walking on 2 or 4 legs. Man took 2 and Bear took 4, but they traded so that Man walked on 4 legs when young and Bear could sometimes walk on 2 legs when he was older.

Raven flew away and everyone noticed that they were all different and that Man was different to all the others. Bear, the cleverest of the beasts, could walk on 2 legs, could eat anything and had the power of healing.


[1] This is a Balazar Creation Myth.

[2] Bear is known to be very like Man and to have powers of Healing. Votanki Shamans sometimes learn the secrets of the Forest from Bear who lives in Bear Woods.