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Created On 17 March 2001
Last Updated On 17 March 2001
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Scarf of Mist Quest

The Myth

Orlanth saw among the Water Tribe a fair maiden named Huraya and desired her. He asked his friend Issaries for help and together they travelled to the lands of the Water Tribe where Issaries told him what to do and showed him the safe path to follow. Orlanth sneaked into the waters to find Huraya but instead found her being attacked by loathsome forces. Enraged he attacked the loathsome forces and destroyed them all, carrying off Huraya in the process. Issaries joined them and together they left the Water Tribe's lands on the safe path.

Orlanth decided to enjoy his prize, for after all he had saved her life and rescued her from the loathsome forces, but she covered them both with her Scarf of Mist so that none could see her shame. Every time he lay with her they were covered in mist. Eventually, Orlanth tore the mist from her and said he would be gentle with her if she gave him the Scarf of Mist and she agreed and became one of his concubines. Now mist will fill the air at dawn and dusk when Huraya and Orlanth embrace.

The HeroQuest

There are several Stations on this HeroQuest:

The Meeting

Orlanth must see Huraya and must roll Lust + Huraya's APP in order to be inflamed by her. If not the Quest may as well end as he will not be fired up for it. There are no penalties for not lusting after her but that is the whole point of the Quest.

This Station may be Invoked to make the Invoker lust after a particular woman. It is not particularly useful as a power.

Travel to the Water Tribe

Orlanth must persuade Issaries to help him (Issaries should roll against Loyalty Trait, Orlanth may use Orate, Convince, Persuade, Fast Talk). They travel together to the Water Tribe's lands and may well encounter foes on the way. These foes could be darkness, water or chaos based.

This can be Invoked to provide a Path Watch effect for a single journey.

The Loathsome Foe

Instead of meeting Huraya here, Orlanth finds her being attacked by the Loathsome Foe. This is normally a group of enemies, often Darkness or Chaos in nature. Orlanth must defeat these in combat and save Huraya's life. He may carry her off from the combat as a victory prize.

This can be Invoked to aid in a rescue of a woman, it multiplies attack skills by 1.5 without affecting defensive skills. However, the Invoker must carry off the woman who has been rescued.


Orlanth must force himself on Huraya. If she is willing she will not use the Scarf of Mist and Orlanth will not be able to take it later, so he must use force to shame her into hiding herself. It is possible for Huraya to try to trade the secret of the Scarf of Mist in return for Orlanth not to force himself upon her. No benefits are gained from this Station apart from the sexual act itself.

This Station may be Invoked to force a woman to submit to sexual desire of a captor. It is used where consummation is necessary.

Gift of the Scarf

Huraya agrees to give the Scarf of Mist to Orlanth in return for his agreement to be gentle with her and not to force himself upon her. She agrees to become his concubine.

Orlanth gains the ability to sacrifice for the Mist Cloud spell and to join the Scarf of Mist sub cult of Orlanth. If he is an acolyte or priest of Orlanth then he may gain the spell Reusably. Of course, it is possible to gain Heroic Castings of this spell by abducting a descendant or incarnation of Huraya.


This is both a Magical Weapons Quest and an Abduction Quest. The main thrust of this Quest may either be to gain a concubine from the Waters or to gain the Scarf of Mist spell. Sometimes the Questor will not bother with the final stage as all he wants is a concubine. Other times he may not rape her but may ask her for the Scarf of Mist as payment for rescuing her. Usually, however, he follows the course of the Quest and has a concubine and gains the Scarf of Mist.

Some people may find this objectionable, but Mythology is full of similar tales where a maiden is rescued or abducted then taken as a prize by the victor.