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Created On 17 March 2001
Last Updated On 17 March 2001
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Shield of Arran Quest [1]

The Mythos

When Death came into the world, many fought it and tried to find weapons against it. One such demigod was named Arran and he was a son of Genert the Earth King. Arran travelled to the Spike, the Cosmic Mountain, from whence Death had come, and reached down into the adamant stone that made up the mountain and pulled out a section of adamant. Arran carved protective runes into the shield and carried it to the greatest of the deities of the earth that had survived and gave the shield to Ernalda for her protection.

Orlanth had set in motion the problems of the Gods' War by supporting the actions of the Storm Tribe and by slaying Yelm the Emperor. He paid court to Ernalda and made many promises to her, proving his worth and giving her many gifts. Finally he made her his wife and promised to protect her and to protect the earth for always and, in return, Ernalda gave him the Shield of Arran to help him.

When Orlanth set off on the Lightbringers' Quest he was torn by two desires, to Protect the Earth and to Heal the World and he knew that he could not do both. As he could no longer protect the earth, he returned the Shield of Arran to Ernalda to help protect her while he was gone. In turn, Ernalda gave the Shield to her daughter Babeester Gor who was the Guardian and the Avenger and who also protected the earth. Babeester Gor gave Orlanth a copy of the Shield that served to protect him on the Lightbringers' Quest, so Orlanth did not lose the Earth Shield.

The HeroQuest [2]

There are several Stations on this HeroQuest:

Making the Shield

This Station is not always included in the Quest as Orlanthi assume that Ernalda already has the Earth Shield. It is included here for the versions where Ernalda is given the Shield of Arran and gives it first to Orlanth and then to Babeester Gor.

Arran must make a shield using Craft (Shield Making) or a similar skill. He may sacrifice POW to create a Great Parry matrix - 3 POW creates this matrix whether or not he knows the spell and has no chance of failure.

Arran must then give the shield to Ernalda to protect her against Death.

This Station may be Invoked to create a Great Parry matrix. The Invoker must sacrifice 3 POW and lose a Great Parry spell and the matrix will be created without an Enchant roll.

Receiving the Shield

Orlanth must pay court to Ernalda and must give her gifts and make her promises. He must give Ernalda at least one gift of importance and must promise to protect the earth. Orlanth is given a geas "Protect Earth Priestesses" and in return Ernalda gives Orlanth the Shield of Arran.

Orlanth may sacrifice for the Great Parry spell and may cast Great Parry Heroically whilst on this Quest. At Higher levels he may gain the ability to Heroically cast Great Parry.

Orlanth must use the Earth Shield in defence of the Earth. Normally this involves one or more attacks on the Ernalda Temple by forces of Darkness or Chaos forces. If Orlanth does not try to protect Ernalda or tries and fails then he loses the ability to use Great Parry and must leave the Shield of Arran subcult if he is a member of the subcult.

This Station may be Invoked to cast the Great Parry spell.

Relinquishing the Shield

Orlanth is torn between two duties, protecting the earth and protecting the world. If he chooses to protect the world, Orlanth must give up the Shield of Arran. Ernalda gives the enchanted shield to Babeester Gor who gives a copy to Orlanth. This allows Orlanth to retain the use of Great Parry and also to join the Shield of Arran subcult. If the HeroQuestor is an Acolyte or Priest of Orlanth then he may use Great Parry reusably.

If Orlanth does not give up the Shield then he retains the magical shield with the Great Parry matrix but may not join the Shield of Arran subcult, may not sacrifice for new uses of the spell and only uses the spell on a one-use basis.

In any case, Orlanth retains the geas "Protect Earth Priestesses".

This Station may be Invoked in order to free himself of a duty by giving back the gifts he received when he took on the duty. This may be done without the loss of honour.


1. This is a Magic Weapon Quest.

2. This is a very short and simple Quest. If anyone has any ideas on how to flesh it out a bit then I would appreciate it.