Pentian Demons

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Created On 17 September 1997
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Amongst the peoples of Pent, there are many deities who are worshipped and many who are feared. The demons of Pent are those deities which are feared by most of the people, but worshipped by a select few.

The following are demons of death and are viewed with superstition by most Pentians:

Dagorma "The Flesh Eater"

Dagorma is a daughter of the Earth, born in the Godtime during the Darkness. Her first act was to open the earth and devour half a chaos army and threw their bones to destroy the other half. She is known as the Hungry Earth, the Flesh Eater, for it is she who devours the flesh of those who are buried within the Earth, turning them into skeletons.

Funeral Practices

Very few Pentians bury their dead, out of fear of Dagorma. Pentians from the Solar tribes burn their dead on scented pyres on windless days, allowing their souls to drift upwards to the heavenly halls. Those from the Storm tribes burn their dead on raised platforms on windy days, allowing their souls to blow on the winds. In both cases, the smoke from the funeral fires carry the souls of the dead to their resting places. When the dead are cremated, a small portion of animal flesh is buried beneath the pyre, to fool Dagorma into feeling that she has not been cheated of her meal.

Dagorma's Runes are Earth and Hunger (Undead).

Rune Magic

Gorgorma grants the following spells:
Create Skeleton, Command Skeleton, Devour Flesh, Worship Dagorma, Sanctify.

Devour Flesh (1 point, Ritual Ceremony.)

When cast on a grave or a body completely buried in the earth, this spell devours all flesh from the target over a period of 15 minutes, leaving the target a skeleton. The target cannot be resurrected afterwards. If the target was alive before the spell was cast, the spell must overcome magic points and will kill the target. This spell is often cast over the grave of cult members, leaving a gleaming skeleton ready to continue cult service.

Attitudes to Undead

The cult believes that skeletons are created by Dagorma and are the natural guardians of the earth. All earth temple complexes in Pent are guarded by skeleton warriors. All priestesses are attended by a skeletal bodyguard. Other forms of undead are frowned upon, with Vampires and Ghouls actively opposed.

Viskar "The Dry Wind"

Viskar is a minor Storm Spirit, one of the many found in the steppes of Pent. His is a dry, piercing wind, especially strong in Dark and Storm Season. Worship of Viskar has only recently taken off, after the Nights of Horror.

Viskar loves to steal the water from travellers on the steppe, often stealing water from their very bodies, leaving only a dry husk.

Viskar's runes are Storm and Hunger (Undead).

Rune Magic

Viskar grants the following spells to his worshippers:
Create Mummy, Command Mummy, Increase Wind, Dry Wind, Steal Water, Worhip Viskar, Sanctify.

Dry Wind (1 point, stackable, temporal).

When cast, this spell reduces precipitation by 1D6mm per point. If precipitation is reduced to below zero, standing water is sucked into the air, drying puddles and small pools.

Steal Water (1 point, stackable, instant.)

If cast on a water bag, this will dry up 1 ENC of water per point. If cast on a living person, the spell must overcome magic points and will cause 1D4 general hit points as the victim is dried out from within.

Create Mummy

This is as the normal spell description, but the mummy is dried out using a combination of Dry Wind and Steal Water spells before creation.

Attitudes to Undead

Viskar is the creator of Mummies on the steppe. Many of his worshippers are turned into Mummies by being staked out in the dry steppe winds. These mummies serve the wandering priests and other worshippers, but as they are intelligent, they can do as they wish.

Occasionally, Viskar cultists band together to create undead armies with which to attack common foes.

Viskar cultists have a neutral arttitude to other undead, believing that mummies are the chosen servants of Viskar, not treating them as other undead.

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