Plants of Glorantha (Overview)

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Created On 25 June 2000
Last Updated On 30 December 2000
Copyright (c) Simon E. Phipp 2000

Occasionally, I have written up various plants that I have found useful or amusing. Most of those have been throw-away plants of no interest to anyone but myself. However, if I have gone to the trouble of writing them up then I may as well include them here.

Where these plants have statistics, they are written up for RuneQuest 3 +, where they give magical powers or provide spells or associated HeroQuests, I will try to include the spells and cults in the plant write-up, although some will be written up elsewhere.

These are only short descriptions, not full botanical essays, and may prove useful in some campaigns.

The Plants I have written up so far are:

The Fire Pods
Arroin's Joy
Suncup and Sun Trumpet
The Sunfire Plant
The Firewood Tree
The EasyClimb Tree
The FireBurst Tree
Dorastoran Death Weed