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Cults are what make Glorantha stand out from other game worlds. They are the life blood of Glorantha. Each deity in Glorantha is worshipped in a slightly different way by slightly different people. Each deity of Glorantha provides special magic to its worshippers, depending on its powers and history. Some powers are common between several cults, some are loaned to other cults, others are unique to that cult, but all are linked to the deity concerned.

There are many deities in Glorantha, some might say too many. In the course of my campaigns, I have written up several cults for use in our games. I have also tried to convert the cults from Hero Wars and Hero Quest to RuneQuest format, as short form cults. Mongoose RuneQuest/Legend/RQ6 has a slightly different format for cults/divine Magic, but I have not converted these cults to that new format as I think the RQ3 format has not been bettered.

Hero Wars


Converting HeroWars Cults
Converted HeroWars Cults
New Skills/Spells
Converting HeroWars Creatures
Army Combat
Review of Web Material
Conversion of my cults
Why HeroQuest Doesn't Work
Sample Character Sheet
Sample HeroQuest Sheet - Saltan Stormrunner
Converted HQLite Sheet - Saltan Stormrunner

The Seas


Three Feathered Rivals

The Closing of the Oceans
Dormal and the Albatross
Dormal and the Red Woman
Small Galley
The Sea Hawk
The Evolution of Yelmalio
History of Yelmalio's Cult
Yelmalio -The Forest Sun
Yelmalio - The Bird Rider
The Mountain Sun
Yelmalio - The Rider
Sacred Societies
Summoning the Rivals



Indlas Somer

The Players
Our New Pavix/Prax Campaign
The Cult of Vivamort
Miscellaneous Information
Famous Vampires
Indlas Somer Overview
The Lords of the Eternal Surf
The Indlas Somer Songbook


Cult of Inora
The Horse Eater
Wallan The Walker
Orlanth Aquarius
Baram Three Shields
Oak Man
Moustache Man
White Face
Cult of Garana-Tar
Grandmother Sky