Simon Phipp's RuneQuest/Glorantha Site - Tales

Tales are the stuff of myth, for what is a myth but a Tale of the Gods?

I am no writer, but occasionally I think of a short story that suits Glorantha. At times, I come across a real world fairy tale or snipper that I think could be converted to Glorantha. The ideal tales for me are something like the "Just-So" stories - short and to the point, so I have tried to keep my Tales short and to the point.

I hope you enjoy them.

Tales of Eurmal

Tales of Pent

Tales of Prax

Eurmal's Escape
Eurmal and the Giants
Eurmal and the Rock Stew
Uleria's Itch
Uleria's New Toy
Eurmal and the Hot Water Test
Starlight People
Why the Sun is so High Up
The Wolf Head Tribe
Shooting Down the Moon
The Steppe Maiden
How the Sun Returned
Shantar and the Horse Maiden
Kantar and the White Horses
Dancing Stallion River
Pentian Hospitality
The Ostrich and Her Chicks
Gaf's Tale
Griselda and the Big Troll

Tales of Dara Happa

Tales of Balazar

Other Tales

The Eagle and The Sparrow
The Little Black Dog
The Forest King's Daughter
How the Mosquito Lost Its Tongue
Yelmalio in Balazar
How Raven made the People
Little Bear's Son
Balazar and the Little Shaggy Pony
The Bear's Son
Yinkin and the Cock's Comb
The Sycamore Shaman
Blue Dawn
The Helerings